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Create Redis database on AWS

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Ajeet Raina, Former Developer Growth Manager at Redis

Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS is a fully Managed Redis Enterprise as a service. Designed for modern distributed applications, Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS is known for its high performance, infinite scalability and true high availability.

Follow the below steps to setup Redis Enterprise Cloud hosted over AWS Cloud:

Step 1. Create free cloud account​

Create your free Redis Enterprise Cloud account. Once you click on β€œGet Started”, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account and complete your signup process.


For a limited time, use TIGER200 to get $200 credits on Redis Enterprise Cloud and try all the advanced capabilities!

πŸŽ‰ Click here to sign up

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Step 2. Create Your subscription​

Next, you will have to create Redis Enterprise Cloud subscription. In the Redis Enterprise Cloud menu, click "Create your Subscription".

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Step 3. Select the right Subscription Plan​

Select "Fixed Plan" for low throughout application as for now.

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Step 4. Select cloud vendor​

For the cloud provider, select your preferred cloud (for demo purpose)

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Step 5. Click "Create Subscription"​

Finally, click on "Create Subscription" button.

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You can now verify the subscription as shown below:

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Step 6. Create database​

Click "Create Database". Enter database name and your preferred module.

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Step 7. Launch database​

Click "Activate" and wait for few seconds till it gets activated. Once fully activated, you will see the database endpoints as shown below:

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Next Steps​

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