Create database using Redis Enterprise Cloud

Redis Enterprise Cloud is a fully managed cloud service by Redis Labs.Built for modern distributed applications, Redis Enterprise Cloud enables you to run any query, simple or complex, at sub-millisecond performance at virtually infinite scale without worrying about operational complexity or service availability. With modern probabilistic data structures and extensible data models, including Search, JSON, Graph, and Time Series, you can rely on Redis as your data-platform for all your real-time needs.

Step 1. Create free cloud account#

Create your free Redis Enterprise Cloud account. Once you click on “Get Started”, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account and complete your signup process.

Step 2. Add subscription#

Next, you will have to add Redis Enterprise Cloud subscription. In the Redis Enterprise Cloud menu, click Subscriptions. At the bottom of the page, click the “+” sign.

My Image

Step 3. Select cloud provider#

For the cloud provider, select Microsoft Azure and Fixed Size Plan(for demo purpose)

My Image

Step 4. Create database#

Click Create. After you create a subscription, you can create a database:

My Image

Step 5. Launch database#

Click "Activate" and wait for few seconds till it gets activated. Once fully activated, you will see the database endpoints as shown below:

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Next Step#