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Getting Started with Spring Data Redis

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Brian Sam-Bodden, Developer Advocate at Redis

This is a complete online course for Java/Spring developers wanting to learn how Redis can serve as your primary database in Spring Applications and how to leverage the power of the many Redis Modules in a traditional Spring Microservices application.

In this course, you'll learn about building REST Services with Spring and Redis. The course is delivered in a tutorial style, in which you can follow along and build the course’s sample application.

...And don’t worry if you get stuck during any lesson. The sample project provides milestones in the form of Git branches that can help you pick up the project at any specific lesson.


To get the most from this course, you'll need a machine that can run the application and the Redis server, which is provided as a Docker container. You'll also need the following installed on your machine:

Let's Learn Together

We're here to support your learning through a dedicated Discord channel that I'll be monitoring along with other teaching assistants. Join us on the Redis Discord server.

Course Contents

Create the skeleton for the course’s Spring Boot application.
Introducing Spring Data Redis.
Object Mapping & Redis Repositories.
User/Roles & Secondary Indexes.
Books, Categories & The Catalog.
Domain Models with RedisJSON.
Search with RediSearch.
Recommendations with RedisGraph.
Caching REST Services with Redis.