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Simon Prickett, Principal Developer Advocate at Redis

The Node.js Crash Course

This is a complete online course for Node.js developers wanting to learn about Redis, the ioredis client and the Redis modules ecosystem.

In this course, you'll learn about using Redis with Node.js through a blend of video and text-based training. You can also get hands-on with some optional workshop exercises where you'll add new functionality to an existing Node.js application.

Welcome to the Node.js Redis Crash Course!
Introducing Redis - the database that developers love!
The ioredis client for Node.js.
A visual tool for managing Redis.
Introducing the sample application.
Install, configure and run the sample application.
Modeling domain objects with Redis Hashes.
Extending the capabilities of Redis with modules.
Storing JSON documents in Redis with the RedisJSON module.
Indexing and querying Hashes with RediSearch.
Using Redis Streams to handle a data fire hose.
How Redis helps your Node.js application to scale.
Using Redis as a cache to speed up user experience.
Horizontal scaling with Redis as a session store.
Consumer groups - collaborative stream processing.
A look at probabilistic data structures with the RedisBloom module.
Wrap up and next steps.