Php and Redis

Find tutorials, examples and technical articles that will help you to develop with Redis and Php.

Getting Started#

In order to use Redis with PHP you will need a PHP Redis client. In the following sections, we will demonstrate the use of PhpRedis, a flexible and feature-complete Redis client library for PHP. Additional PHP clients for Redis can be found under the PHP section of the Redis Clients page.

Step 1. Get pecl#

apt install pkg-php-tools

Step 2. Install PhpRedis#

pecl install redis

Step 3. Opening a Connection to Redis Using PhpRredis#

The following code creates a connection to Redis using Phpredis

$redis = new Redis();
//Connecting to Redis
$redis->connect('hostname', port);
if ($redis->ping()) {
echo "PONGn";

Replace the following values with those of your database and save this file as connect.php

Step 4. Executing the script#

php connect.php

It should display "PONG" as output. You can verify this by running the monitor command> monitor
1614778301.165001 [0 [::1]:57666] "PING"

Further Reference:#