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Python with Redis

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Ajeet Raina, Former Developer Growth Manager at Redis

Find tutorials, examples and technical articles that will help you to develop with Redis and Python.

Getting Started

The Python community has built many client libraries that you can find here . For your first steps with Python and Redis, this article will show how to use the recommended library: redis-py

Step 1. Run a Redis server

Redis is an open source, in-memory, key-value data store most commonly used as a primary database, cache, message broker, and queue. Unlike relational databases, Redis database delivers sub-millisecond response times, enabling fast and powerful real-time applications in industries such as gaming, fintech, ad-tech, social media, healthcare, and IoT.

Redis (also called remote dictionary server) is a multi-model database, and provides several built-in data structures/data type such as Lists, Hashes, Geospatial indexes, Strings, Sets etc. You can either run Redis server in a Docker container or directly on your machine. Follow the below command line to setup a Redis server on Mac OS:

 brew tap redis-stack/redis-stack
brew install --cask redis-stack

Redis Stack unifies and simplifies the developer experience of the leading Redis modules and the capabilities they provide. Learn more

Ensure that you are able to use the following Redis command to connect to the Redis instance.


Now, you should be able to get Redis data by using Redis commands.

Step 2. Install the Redis client library using pip

The following Python code allows you to connect to the default Redis server instance .

 pip3 install redis

Step 2. Write your application code

 import redis

pool = redis.ConnectionPool(host='localhost', port=6379, db=0)
redis = redis.Redis(connection_pool=pool)

redis.set('mykey', 'Hello from Python!')
value = redis.get('mykey')

redis.zadd('vehicles', {'car' : 0})
redis.zadd('vehicles', {'bike' : 0})
vehicles = redis.zrange('vehicles', 0, -1)

Find more information about Redis database instances & Redis connections in the "Redis Connect".

More developer resources

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