Ruby and Redis

Find tutorials, examples and technical articles that will help you to develop with Redis and Ruby.

Getting Started#

In order to use Redis with Ruby you will need a Ruby Redis client. In the following sections, we will demonstrate the use of redis-rb, a Ruby client library for Redis. Additional Ruby clients for Redis can be found under the Ruby section of the Redis Clients page.

Step 1. Clone the repository#

git clone

Step 2. Install redis-rb:#

$ gem install redis


Step 3. Use Gemfile#

$cat Gemfile
gem 'redis'

Step 4. Execute#

$ bundle install
Resolving dependencies...
Using bundler 2.2.6
Using redis 4.2.5
Following files may not be writable, so sudo is needed:
Bundle complete! 1 Gemfile dependency, 2 gems now installed.
Use `bundle info [gemname]` to see where a bundled gem is installed.

Step 5. Verifying#

bundle info redis
* redis (4.2.5)
Summary: A Ruby client library for Redis
Source Code:
Bug Tracker:
Path: /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.6.0/gems/redis-4.2.5

Step 6. Opening a Connection to Redis Using redis-rb#

The following code creates a connection to Redis using redis-rb:

require 'redis'
redis = "localhost", port: 6379, db: 11)
redis.set("mykey", "hello world")

To adapt this example to your code, make sure that you replace the following values with those of your database:

You can find connect.rb under this directory which you can directly use to test it.

Just execute the below command:

ruby connect.rb

Step 7. Verifying#> monitor
1614684665.728109 [0 [::1]:50918] "select" "11"
1614684665.728294 [11 [::1]:50918] "set" "mykey" "hello world"
1614684665.728435 [11 [::1]:50918] "get" "mykey"

Redis Launchpad#

Redis Launchpad is like an “App Store” for Redis sample apps. You can easily find apps for your preferred frameworks and languages. Check out a few of these apps below, or click here to access the complete list.

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Further References#