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Write Your Serverless Redis function using RedisGears Browser Tool

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Ajeet Raina, Former Developer Growth Manager at Redis

RedisInsight has built-in support for Redis Modules like RedisJSON, RediSearch, RedisGraph, Streams, RedisTimeSeries, and RedisGears. RedisGears enables reactive programming at the database level. It's like using lambda functions, but with a dramatically lower latency, and with much less encoding/decoding overhead.

Support for RedisGears was first introduced in RedisInsight v1.5.0. RedisInsights allows you:

  • Explore the latest executed functions and analyze the results or errors.
  • Manage registered functions and get execution summary.
  • Code, build and execute functions.

RedisGears is a dynamic framework that enables developers to write and execute functions that implement data flows in Redis, while abstracting away the data’s distribution and deployment. These capabilities enable efficient data processing using multiple models in Redis with infinite programmability, while remaining simple to use in any environment.

Follow the below steps to get started with the RedisInsight browser tool for RedisGears.

Step 1. Create Redis database

Follow this link to run Redis container with RedisGears modules enabled

Step 2: Download RedisInsight

To install RedisInsight on your local system, you need to first download the software from the Redis website.

Click this link to access a form that allows you to select the operating system of your choice.

My Image

Run the installer. After the web server starts, open http://YOUR_HOST_IP:8001 and add a Redis database connection.

Select "Connect to a Redis database" My Image

Enter the requested details, including Name, Host (endpoint), Port, and Password. Then click “ADD REDIS DATABASE”.

Step 3. Clone the repository

$ git clone
$ cd ImdbExample

Step 4. Download the IMDB data

Download the data from this link and extract it to the current directory:

$ wget
$ gunzip title.basics.tsv.gz

Step 5. Execute the script

$ python3 -H localhost -P 6379

python3 -H -P 6379
/Users/ajeetraina/projects/redis-datasets/redisgears/ImdbExample/ DeprecationWarning: Pipeline.hmset() is deprecated. Use Pipeline.hset() instead.
pipe.hmset(d['tconst'], d)

Step 6. Accessing RedisInsight

Choose “RedisGears” on the left menu.


Step 7. Add the below script:

GB('KeysOnlyReader').map(lambda x: execute('hget', x, 'genres')).flatmap(lambda x: x.split(',')).countby().run()



Additional References

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