5. Manage Index

Listing and inspecting the indexes#

The FT._LIST command provides a list of all RediSearch indexes in your database:

1) "idx:movie"

FT.INFO provides information about a specific index:

> FT.INFO "idx:movie"
1) "index_name"
2) "idx:movie"
5) "index_definition"
7) "fields"
9) "num_docs"
10) "4"

Updating your Indexing#

As you are build your application and add more information to the database you may need to add new fields to the index. The FT.ALTER command enables you to do this.

> FT.ALTER idx:movie SCHEMA ADD plot TEXT WEIGHT 0.5

The WEIGHT declares the importance of this field when calculating result accuracy. This is a multiplication factor (default is 1); so in this example the plot is less important than the title.

Let's do a query with the new indexed field:

> FT.SEARCH idx:movie "empire @genre:{Action}" RETURN 2 title plot

Dropping the Index#

You can drop an index using the FT.DROPINDEX command.

> FT.DROPINDEX idx:movie

Dropping an index does not impact the indexed hashes, this means that the movies are still inside the database.

>SCAN 0 MATCH movie:*
1) "0"
2) 1) "movie:11002"
2) "movie:11004"
3) "movie:11003"
4) "movie:11005"

Note: You can delete the indexed document/hashes by adding the DD parameter.