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Solution Tutorials

This page provides a listing of dozens of popular app solution tutorials from Redis.


Learn how to easily build, test and deploy code for common microservice and caching design patterns across different industries using Redis.

How to build an e-commerce app using Redis with the CQRS Pattern
Microservices Communication with Redis streams
How to use Redis for Query Caching
How to use Redis for API Gateway Caching

Fraud detection

How to Handle Digital Identity Validation Using Redis
How to use Redis for Transaction risk scoring

Caching architecture

How to use Redis for Write-behind Caching
How to use Redis for Write through caching strategy
How to use Redis for Cache Prefetching Strategy
How to use Redis for Cache-aside

Real-time Inventory

Available to Promise in Real-time Inventory Using Redis
Real-time Local Inventory Search Using Redis

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Authentication and Session Storage Using Redis
Mobile Banking Account Dashboard Using Redis


Getting Started with Vector Search Using Redis in NodeJS