How to create Grafana Dashboards for Redis Enterprise cluster in 5 Minutes

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Redis Enterprise clusters are a set of nodes, typically two or more, providing database services. Clusters are inherently multi-tenant, and a single cluster can manage multiple databases accessed through individual endpoints. Redis Enterprise software provides REST API to retrieve information about cluster, database, nodes and metrics.

Redis Explorer plugin is the latest plugin in the Grafana Labs that adds support for Redis Enterprise software. It is a plugin for Grafana that connects to Redis Enterprise software clusters using REST API. It provides application pages to add Redis Data Sources for managed databases and dashboards to see cluster configuration.

The Redis Explorer plugin

Redis Explorer allows you to create the following dashboard over Grafana:

Enterprise Clusters Dashboard#

The Enterprise Clusters dashboard provides basic information about the cluster, license, and displays most important metrics.

Enterprise Cluster Dashboard

Cluster Overview Dashboard#

The Cluster Overview dashboard provides the most important information and metrics for the selected cluster.

The Cluster Overview Dashboard

Cluster Nodes Dashboard#

Cluster Nodes dashboard provides information and metrics for each node participating in the cluster.

The Cluster Nodes dashboard

Cluster Databases Dashboard#

The Cluster Databases dashboard provides information and metrics for each databases managed by cluster.

The Cluster databases dashboard

Getting Started#


  • Grafana 8.0+ is required for Redis Explorer 2.X.
  • Grafana 7.1+ is required for Redis Explorer 1.X.
  • Docker
  • Redis Enterprise Cluster

Step 1. Setup Redis Enterprise Cluster#

Follow these steps to setup Redis Enterprise cluster nodes.

Set up Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise Cluster

Step 2. Install Grafana#

brew install grafana

Step 3. Install redis-explorer-app#

Use the grafana-cli tool to install from the command line: Redis Application plugin and Redis Data Source will be auto-installed as dependencies.

grafana-cli plugins install redis-explorer-app

Step 4. Using Docker#

You can even run Redis Explorer plugin using Docker:

docker run -p 3000:3000 --name=grafana -e "GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=redis-explorer-app" grafana/grafana

Open https://IP:3000 to access grafana. The default username/password is admin/admin.

Step 5. Log in to Grafana#

Logging into Grafana

Step 6. Choose Redis Explorer in the sidebar#

Once you add the datasource, you should be able to choose the right option:

Explorer Options

Step 7. Getting the Redis Enterprise Cluster Overview#

Redis Enterprise Cluster Overview

Step 8. Displaying the Redis Enterprise Cluster Nodes#

Redis Enterprise Cluster Nodes

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